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Low Cost Proofreading Services


We are passionate proofreaders and copyeditors who believe that quality work shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We take the hassle out of proofing documents by offering low cost proofreading services with high quality staff.

We will check your documents for spelling errors, grammatical issues, formatting, and sentence structure. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that our high standards are maintained on every document. Let us know if you have any special requirements and we’ll be happy to oblige.

We’re the family store to your Walmart, and the local coffee shop to your Starbucks. Our stringent hiring process ensures that only the most talented proofreaders are invited into the fold.

So, what makes us different from every other proofreading service?

Our integrity and determination to be the best drives us. We believe in quality over quantity and treat our clients like superstars. We’ll make your work our priority. Regardless of the document type you send us, we won’t rest until it’s perfect.

Our services are 100% confidential and 100% guaranteed!



Our team of native English proofreaders will go the extra mile for you. We will correct your text, improve it and find any inconsistencies in its flow. All changes will be made with Track Changes, so you can see for yourself what has been changed. This gives you full control over which edits you’d like to keep and those that you’d like to discard.

When you’ve been reading through the same content over and over again, it’s easy to miss even the most simple mistakes. We’ll review your work with a fresh set of eyes to find any mistakes you may have missed, and help to communicate your ideas the way you intended.

Our prices are split into 3 bands, so it’s easy to calculate the final cost. And we offer competitive prices with no hidden fees or charges. Contact us today with any queries you have.





Price for 1 minute



Per 1000 Words

Delivery Time - 5 Days



Per 1000 Words

Delivery Time - 3 Days



Per 1000 Words

Delivery Time - 24 Hours

“Thank you so much for your hard work! I liked all the changes you made. I’ll definitely send my next book over to your team!””

Carmen Fairfield

Thanks for getting my essay back to me so quickly. I was really stressed out about turning it in on time. It’s not easy for a student to afford proofreading but with y’all’s low prices plus the discount, I’ll definitely be back. I’m sooo happy I chose you guys!

Jerry Simmons


When it comes to our services, we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special. Our lost cost proofreading services cannot be matched.

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